ELY Vikings AGM – 20.45 - 11th July 2016


Present: Alli Brown, Hannah Brown, Chris Brown, Esther McLeish, Allie Kulcsar, Aaf Dawes, Chris Maybank, Jamie Cranwell, Dom McDonald, Jim Kelly, George Notley, Philip Morton.


Apologies: Martin Brown, David McLeish



a)    Chair: Excellent year again with Team 1 retaining the CKA league title, in some ways a greater achievement due to greater involvement of more players, as some of the team from last year had moved on. SERL not as successful this year as we struggled to get a team for some matches and had to cancel on two occasions. Next year we are not going to be entering a team in SERL as we don’t have sufficient refereeing capability to meet our CKA and SERL commitments and we don’t know if we have a squad of players who are willing to commit to the travel involved in this league. Hopefully we will be able to re-enter in 2018 season, depending of course on our ability to provide referees and to have a squad committed to the enterprise. Team 2 struggled a bit in the top division of CKA and should enjoy more success next season in the lower division. Teams 3 and 4 had mixed success but we should be encouraged by the number of ex-juniors who will be available for senior matches in CKA next season, we need to ensure that we manage their game time and mentor them to ensure their continued progress and development so that they can fulfill their korfball ambitions. A number of players have left during the season to play at a higher level and we wish them success in this, we have also welcomed back some of our players who have moved back to the area.

b)    Treasurer: For this season, we have generated a surplus of around £1100 which should help ensure that we remain viable for the next season. This was helped by fundraising which resulted in a donation of £500 from the Paradise Centre which was provided to subsidise the cost of warm up jackets, with the remainder being used to purchase some new balls (with the agreement of the Paradise Centre). The recent Junior tournament to celebrate our 10 year anniversary contributed around £180 to our income as well. Thanks also to Aaf for her kind donation. The efforts and incentives for people to join up early for 2016 were successful and ensured that we had sufficient funding in place when the EKA affiliation fee fell due at the start of the season. We agreed to follow the same approach for the 2017 season.

c)    Coach: With a vacancy for coach caused by Adam moving on, we have looked at various models and wish to move to a team approach. Currently we have a team consisting of Dom, Martin, Chris B and Philip who have established a rota and will lead sessions with support from the others who are in attendance. Coaching plans for sessions are being developed and will be introduced over the summer. It was agreed adopt the team approach to coaching. We are working to bolster our coaching resources and have made initial contact with all clubs in CKA to see if there are any coaches who would wish to broaden their experience. There is a level 1 coaching course being held in Cambridge in July and following this there may be individuals who make themselves available. This will be discussed in the margins of the CKA AGM being held on 27th July.

d)    Juniors:  The junior section of the club continues to develop and we now have around 25 at training leading us to recruit an additional assistant coach to help ensure that all in attendance receive appropriate attention and instruction. Our record attendance this year was 28. Our U11 team has had another successful year winning a number of the Cambridgeshire U11 tournaments and were the leading Cambridgeshire team at our recent Junior tournament. Two of our team also were considered for selection for England U11 squad places at trials recently. Given that they have only been playing the sport for two years this shows what talent we have in the club. For next year, some of our U11 sq        uad will move to the next age group. We have entered a team in the U14 National League for next season, this takes the form of a number of tournaments throughout the season, held in Cambridge in a similar fashion the current U11 tournaments. However to compete in this competition it will not be possible for girls to play as boys so we need to ensure that we have enough boys available. For the first season we may be playing against teams who are mostly at the upper end of the age group with more experience but the attitude and commitment shown by our players in the tournaments they have played gives us cause for optimism.

e)    CPO:  The Vikings Child Protection policy has been reviewed and modified where necessary. It will be signed by the Chair and loaded onto the new website where it can be accessed by all.

f)     Communications/Publicity: The last few weeks have been great in terms of publicity, particularly for the juniors. Our junior tournament got a great spread in the Cambridge Evening News and we have been successful in getting results pieces in the Ely papers. We also now have an entry in the Ely Events magazine which is published every couple of months. The new website is scheduled to go live in the 24 hours following the AGM and then Jim will be able to upload information to keep it current and keep it fresh. We agreed that we need to arrange for someone to ‘understudy’ Jim with the website so that we can share the work and not expect one individual to do it all and be the only one who understands how it works.


Election of Officials


As required the current committee stood down having finished the 2015/16 term. Several of the incumbents submitted themselves for re-election and the results are that the committee for the 1016/17 season will be:

Chair:                           Philip Morton

Treasurer:                    Aaf Dawes

Secretary:                     Alli Brown (division of responsibilities between Chair and Secretary to be confirmed)

CPO:                           Esther McLeish

Head Coach:                Dom McDonald (for administrative purposes at this stage)

Player Rep:                  Not finalized (, Philp to contact Jaz Radford to see if she wishes to continue. Offers of help from Jamie Cranwell and George Notley. Once we have an idea of membership and squads for next season we will ensure that the whole player community are represented)

Junior Parent Rep:       Jo Ford is the point of contact(however a team of parents has been established who will ensure that the functions in respect of junior tournaments are delivered)

Health and Safety:       Action: Philip to contact Stuart Marsh to see if he would be willing to take on the role.


The committee will consist of these positions, in addition Team Captains are invited to attend as are volunteers from the following list. Meetings will alternate between open meetings to which any member can come (at the Kings Arms after training) and meetings at venues to be agreed, usually on Wednesday evenings.


Volunteers: In addition to the roles listed for the committee there are a number of other functions and roles that are necessary for the effective and sustainable running of the club.

a)     Assistant coaches – this is a role that is specific to match days and involves someone helping from the sidelines with encouragement and a bit of analysis. Once we have the match calendar for next season we will be looking for volunteers to offer to take on this role for a match or two. It does not require any formal qualification or lots of experience and a high level of playing skill.

b)    Referees – currently we have limited refereeing capacity within the club and this might reduce further in September. We need members to take on refereeing for CKA lower league games, our T3 and T4 type of matches. Dom is sufficiently qualified to administer the practical assessment for those who have passed the theory test. The more people we have the fewer the number of games they will need to referee.

c)     Publicity – we need some new posters. Action: Philip to approach Jo Ford to see if she can help with design. George Notely offered to work with Jim Kelly to ensure that we have enough resources to manage the website

d)    Membership Secretary – Alli Brown agreed to carry on with this as part of the secretary role.

e)     Results Secretary – Chris Brown agreed to continue with this, looking after our information on FixturesLive

f)     Junior Co-ordinator – Chris Brown agreed to continue on with this function

g)     Team Captains – once we know who we have in terms of players for next season we will sort out who will be team captains and how we manage our playing squads

h)    CKA Meeting Rep – CKA meetings are attended by Philip (currently CKA treasurer) and Chris Brown, Martin Brown also attends if needed. Any other member is welcome to attend (transport can be provided), anyone interested should let Philip know.

i)      College Liaison – Martin Brown has agreed to continue with this function

j)      ‘Keeper of the Keys’ – Chris Brown has agreed to continue with this with deputies when needed

k)    Auditor – Jim Kelly to arrange for a review of accounts.


Plans For Year Ahead

a)     We agreed that establishing a fixed date for the end of season event worked well this year and we agree that we would do the same for the next season, probably in the committee meeting in January

b)    The response to our Junior tournament was very encouraging and the organisation and administration did not impose too great a burden so we agreed to see if we could make it an annual event – maybe need to look at age groups – within a wider East Anglian summer tournament programme


Revise Development Plan

This is still something that is outstanding from last year. Philip committed to producing something, potentially linked the EKA ‘England Korfball Inspired’ programme


Any other business

We agreed to send a letter of thanks to Graham, the photographer who did such a good job for the junior tournament, together with an Amazon voucher to show our appreciation. Action: Philip to contact Jarl Ford to discuss options for the dissemination of additional photographs beyond the one team photo we will provide for each participating team



Meeting closed 22.10


Philip Morton