Present: Alli Brown, Hannah Brown, Tom Grimshaw, Chris Brown, David McLeish, Allie Kulcsar, George Notley, Philip Morton, Lucy Lloyd and Sam Green.

Apologies: Martin Brown, Aaf Dawes, Dom McDonald, Esther McLeish, Jim Kelly, Kiera & Craig Chatt


  1. Chair: Huge thanks to everyone who has helped the club in whatever capacity from helping with coaching, washing bibs, helping with juniors, helping with admin, helping with the money, etc., without your efforts we would have no club. Also best wishes for a speedy recovery to Martin. On the playing side, this was a challenging season, we lost more of our regular first team squad which put pressure on those who stepped up from other teams. Overall, we did not do as well this year as in previous years. However, there was some good news in that a number of our juniors have now played their first full season with the club and are making good progress, playing in a variety of teams. For next season we need to make sure we can manage their progress. We are grateful to Sue for taking on the Ref Co-ordinator function and for refereeing virtually all of our commitments during the season.

  1. Treasurer: The efforts and incentives for people to join up early for were successful and ensured that we had sufficient funding in place when the EKA affiliation fee fell due at the start of the season. We will now adopt this as normal practice. We will also try to promote the standing order payment model with the next season renewal paperwork. We do not yet have the final numbers for the year but the relatively constant numbers at training for juniors and seniors and the lack of major items of expense – except the new ball cage – should mean that we remain in a reasonably healthy state with adequate reserves for the year ahead.

  1. Coach: The coaching team model seemed to work reasonably well, thanks to all who participated. For the coming season we need to have a discussion about the club ‘style’ to ensure that all coaches are working towards a consistent model with their session plans. We also need to be better at having more assistance for those leading the sessions to enable better feedback and appropriate differentiation. Also for the coming season we will see if we can expand our coaching team from within the club and by inviting others to join the coaching team

Action: Chris to contact Rebecca West and Carla to investigate availability for the coming season. Philip to contact team captains for their ideas for areas for improvement for their teams to inform the next coaching plan.

CKA are trying to arrange for an EKA Level 2 coaching course to be run in Cambridgeshire early in the new year. It may be possible to obtain some support to offset the cost for anyone who is interested in taking up this qualification

  1. Juniors: This year we lost a number of juniors in the transition from primary to secondary school where distance of travel and workload have taken priority. On the playing front, we entered a number of U11 tournaments in Cambridge and did reasonably well and we had a team in the U14 National League where we put in some great performances and beat many of the other teams even though we had some U11 players at times. The experience of playing against larger clubs with more established teams will stand our players in good stead for the future. This year we have indicated we want to enter the U14 NL again but we have very limited numbers and will contact other clubs –

Action: Phil to contact Phoenix to see if they have any players who want to take part in some of the games.

We do need more juniors though and plan to make another visit to St John’s in September. We are also taking part in summer activities at the Paradise Centre which are aimed at ages 7-11. The first session is on 14th August between 09.30 and 11.30 and the second is on 1st September between 12.30 and 2.30

  1. CPO: No issues during the year

  1. Communications/Publicity: We will try to take advantage of our ‘summer nights’ programme and advertise the events locally, for example in ‘Spotted in Ely’ and on the Stour Green Facebook page in order to attract attention to aid in recruitment.

Action: Philip to advertise the session at the Paradise Centre in Spotted in Ely, Dave to see about getting the Stour Green event mentioned. Philip to contact Jim to see about getting a piece in the paper to advertise our outdoor events.

We need to ensure that the website is up to date and does not contain any ‘blah blah’ and ensure that the Facebook public page is also up to date

Election of Officials

As required the current committee stood down having finished the 2016/17 term. Several of the incumbents submitted themselves for re-election and the results are that the committee for the 1017/18 season will be:

Chair: Philip Morton

Treasurer: Aaf Dawes

Secretary: Alli Brown (division of responsibilities between Chair and Secretary to be confirmed)

CPO: Esther McLeish

Head Coach: Dom McDonald (for administrative purposes at this stage)

Player Rep: George Notley. Once we have an idea of membership and squads for next season we will ensure that the whole player community are represented)

Junior Parent Rep: Jo Ford is the point of contact (however a team of parents has been established who will ensure that the functions in respect of junior tournaments are delivered)

Health and Safety: George Notley

The committee will consist of these positions, in addition Team Captains are invited to attend as are volunteers from the following list. Meetings will alternate between open meetings to which any member can come (at the High Flyer after training) and meetings at venues to be agreed, usually on Wednesday evenings.

Volunteers: In addition to the roles listed for the committee there are a number of other functions and roles that are necessary for the effective and sustainable running of the club.

  1. Assistant coaches – Chris, Martin and Phil. Also there is a role that is specific to match days and involves someone helping from the sidelines with encouragement and a bit of analysis. Once we have the match calendar for next season we will be looking for volunteers to offer to take on this role for a match or two. It does not require any formal qualification or lots of experience and a high level of playing skill. As for helping with coaching on training evenings, Dave, George and Lucy have agreed to help. Lucy has also agreed to look after new comers to Vikings.

  1. Referees – currently we have limited refereeing capacity within the club and this might reduce further in September. We need members to take on refereeing for CKA lower league games, our T3 and T4 type of matches. Dom is sufficiently qualified to administer the practical assessment for those who have passed the theory test. The more people we have the fewer the number of games they will need to referee. George and Sam agreed to join in with this.

Action: Philip to contact Adam and CKA for training material so that we can do some training prior to the next round of theory tests.

  1. Publicity – We have agreed on new posters, just need to get them finalized and printed off.

Action – Phil to confirm with Jim his willingness to continue in this role.

  1. Membership Secretary – Alli Brown agreed to carry on with this as part of the secretary role.

  2. Results Secretary – Chris Brown agreed to continue with this, looking after our information on FixturesLive

  3. Junior Co-ordinator – Chris Brown agreed to continue on with this function, supported by Jo Ford and Barbara Fraser.

  4. Team Captains – once we know who we have in terms of players for next season we will sort out who will be team captains and how we manage our playing squads

  5. CKA Meeting Rep – CKA meetings are attended by Philip (currently CKA treasurer) and Chris Brown, Martin Brown also attends if needed. Any other member is welcome to attend (transport can be provided), anyone interested should let Philip know.

  6. College Liaison – Martin Brown has agreed to continue with this function

  7. Keeper of the Keys’ – Chris Brown has agreed to continue with this with deputies when needed

  8. Auditor – Jim Kelly to arrange for a review of accounts.

Plans For Year Ahead

  1. We agreed that establishing a fixed date for the end of season event worked well this year and we agree that we would do the same for the next season, probably in the committee meeting in January


  1. We agreed that we would like to try to develop the social side of the club a bit more and rather than have a single social secretary organizing everything we would like to see volunteers taking on discrete events such as the meal at Christmas. George, Hannah Lucy plus Jaz all said they would help with fund raising/social gathering etc

  1. Once we have the new publicity material we could do a ‘flyer’ hand out on the Market on a Saturday – having got permission from the LA first.

  1. We also want to establish a presence at local village fetes and if we can link this with those being attended by Jo we can promote our junior section as a priority.

  1. We need to see if there are coaching courses at Level 1 and Level 2 for members who wish to start on their coaching ‘career’. Lucy indicated an interest in a Level 1 course.

Philip Morton