Committee Meeting – 28th November 2016 – Lamb Hotel (eventually)



Martin Brown, Chris Brown, Aaf Dawes, Dave McLeish, Esther McLeish, George Notley, Jo Ford, Barbara Fraser, Emma Hale, Jaz Radford, Jamie Cranwell,Philip Morton



Alli Brown, Dom MacDonald, (Philip for booking a venue that wasn’t open)


Actions from previous meeting:

  • Philip has produced an outline of the content of a potential new members handbook – to be discussed at the end of the meeting
  • Process for changing names on bank account is now underway
  • All other actions completed



  • Currently all bar one of our members has provided a membership form and appropriate payment. This is the earliest we have been in this position. Credit to membership team for summer initiative

Action: Philip to chase up outstanding player

  • CKA committee have confirmed at recent meeting that transfers of players between clubs can be managed using FixturesLive, there is no need to involve CKA (whose constitution may need to be updated). We have processed the transfer of Eleanor Johnson to Littleport and are trying to complete the transfer of Lucy Lloyd from Littleport. While there is no objection to Lucy playing for Vikings at the moment, submission of score cards would prompt a problem

Action: Philip to contact Littleport to try to hasten the completion of the process



  • We still are in a reasonable position in respect of our reserves
  • We agreed that currently there is no reason to change our fees for this season provided numbers at training are maintained to current levels
  • We have paid our EKA and CKA affiliation fees
  • We owe a supplementary payment for the U14NL and one Ref Fine of £10.

Action: Philip will pay these and be reimbursed from cash held

  • Chris has processed the application to EKA for a rebate for 8 U18 players for last season


Senior Club update:

  • Arrangements for coaching seem to be working so far with favourable feedback from members
  • New captain structure with worksharing also seems to be working well with no problems reported so far
  • We have two “Super Sundays” coming up with a number of Vikings teams in action at various times and in various locations. Initial steps have been taken to establish the availability of players so that we can ensure we meet our commitments.
  • The initial squads seem to have worked out reasonably well and we have achieved our aim of giving some of the new members as much game time as we can to speed their development.
  • The next status information will be released on 10th December and we will revise the squad lists accordingly and circulate new lists then
  • While we may not have won as many games across the whole club this season compared with last, there is an improvement in levels of play and skill shown and evidence of the kind of development for which we were hoping


Junior Club update

  • We have competed in two rounds of the U14NL and gained good experience if not the match wins we would like, we need to have more boys available.
  • We have attended one U11 tournament and did well considering the age of our team and the experience (and size) of some of the teams we were up against. However it would be good to have one or two more players to enable a degree of rotation giving the demands of 5 or 6 4Korf matches
  • Junior numbers are down on last year as players have moved to senior school and are adjusting to the academic demands. We have an agreement to go back to St John’s school in the new year and it would be helpful if there were some other options to recruit more juniors.



  • We have had some good exposure in ‘Spotted In Ely’ but no resultant contacts



  • Our problem with referee overload persists, not being in SERL has helped a bit for this year but we would like to be back in SERL next year.
  • We believe that CKA will run another Refereeing training course early in the new year and we would like to see some of our members taking part as the first step to becoming qualified, in the meantime opportunities to have a go and practice are available at training sessions





  • Nothing to report other than EKA have sent round a request for information on club CPOs which Esther is dealing with
  • Safeguarding courses are currently provided around the region by LivingSport. CKA are investigating getting a course (3 hrs or so in the evening) run in Cambridge for Korfball clubs. If this comes to pass, we should look to have coaches and captains who haven’t already had training, perhaps as part of their job, to attend to raise awareness.



  • We agreed to donate old shirts for which we no longer have a use to the Lighthouse Charity who have said that they can make good use of them
  • Still have some shirts in stock to supply new members. Current supplier will no longer provide the shirt we are using, this may be available from other sources and could be printed locally

Action: Chris to try to identify alternate source of supply (and check print costs with other suppliers), Jamie to also look at what could be provided in terms of ‘non-branded’ shirts.

  • We also agreed that Jamie should produce some publicity material showing the range of Vikings sportswear that could be made available. This to be displayed on the noticeboard and loaded onto the facebook site.



  • We will do a Junior Fun session on 19th December as the last training session before Christmas break
  • We will replace senior training with a meal out in Ely, this has been organized by Hannah and Jaz
  • CKA is trying to organize a promotional period at the beginning of February next year to try to raise the profile of the sport in the area with clubs working together to try to get more people into the sport not just into their clubs. We can take part in this and make use of the promotional material that will be produced.
  • We understand that we will lose the use of the sports hall for some time in February and March due to exams (real and mock) but we don’t yet have the details so don’t know which matches or which training nights this might affect.

Action: Jamie to make contact to see about the availability of the sports hall at Witchford VC

  • We know that there is the potential to book, on a weekly basis, half of the hall at the Paradise Centre between 6.00 and 7.00 pm and we have used this for some fairly unstructured junior practice. As the response seemed fairly positive we could continue with this when the college hall is unavailable 



  • Aaf will be away for a period in the new year and we will need to make alternative arrangements for her valuable work with attendance, gate receipts and provision of first aider at training
  • We need to update our posters/flyers ready for the new year

Action: Jo and Barbara to discuss content with other parents and feed back to Chris.

  • We talked about moving away from a reliance on an all singing website and closed facebook group to a regime where we keep the ‘fixed’ information on the website but have a publically available facebook page which is used to disseminate information.

Action: Jo and Jamie to consider possibilities and report back

  • Chris agreed to add Barbara to the committee email group
  • Jaz agreed to investigate if the Lamb venue could be available for future meetings given how good it was


New Members Handbook

  • Need to add guide to the rules and signpost more details
  • Need to explain number and types of teams
  • Need to add something to explain the range of playing programme formats – leagues and tournaments
  • Need to be clear on costs

Action: Philip to draft out a starter


  • Next meeting: 11th or 18th January 2017 – venue to be decided